Cumulus Funding's mission is to be a better financial partner for the American worker.  It is our privilege to have the opportunity to invest in you!

Our Investees Use Their Funds For:

  • Paying down credit card debt or other loans
  • Making payments on bills and other expenses
  • Providing funds for investments or starting a business
  • Going back to school
  • Other purchases like automobiles, home improvements, or even weddings or vacations

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If you need cash today, but don't want a loan and would prefer a product better aligned with your financial interests, Cumulus may be the solution for you.  A Future Income eXchange from Cumulus Funding can provide you cash for virtually any purpose.


This is not a loan! 
We provide cash TODAY in exchange for a percentage of your future earnings.  Your payments are flexible because they are based on your earnings.

Easy Monthly Payments
If your earnings go down or you become unemployed, your payments to Cumulus shrink proportionally.

We Believe in the American Worker
Your hard work is an asset and we believe you deserve a financial partner aligned with your interests.

Unlike a bank or traditional lender, our financial interests are completely aligned with yours.  We want you to be as successful as possible, and during hard financial times, we make your financial situation less difficult by decreasing your payments.

Investing in You

Please note:  You must currently be employed full-time to receive a non-binding quote.

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